What's EEF?

1, Prophetical intercession

A highlight of our ministry might be humanitarian assistance, but on the base, there is intercession ministry. There had been accumulated many prayers before concrete works started in 1991.

In the book of Daniel, chapter 9, Daniel recognized that term of desolation of Jerusalem is 70 years. Since then, he started to pray for freedom for people of captive. As same as this, in 20th century, christian, who recognized that now is the time that people return from Northern countries, stood and started to pray.

Intercession minitry is like Moses who were used to deliver Israelie people. He proclaimed to pharaoh to let people leave. The stubborn pharaoh refused it, but after the plagues he bow to the Lord.

As same, what have brought Jewish peopl back from Northern countries was the power of prayers. What held people back was not the power of government nor human, but the power of spirit. Especially in 1985, Johannes Facius and prayer team went around Moscow and other places of Soviet Union to pray. It led to explosive diffusion of Breakup of the Soviet Union and releasing Jewsish people.

On the hill where we can see Oddessa Port in Ukraine, the Lord told Johannes Facius, "From here, many thousands of Jewish people will return." And it became true in 1992.

Ministry of helping return is from God. So that we need to have a revelation from God directry to understand.

This mnistry is not only humanitarian assistance, but it is the work that takes a part to God's plan of recovery.

2, Huge Network

As working of finding Jewish peopl is likened to fishing, the network of the working is like a huge net. There are many bases in former Soviet Union, and a few hundred volunteers work in the big land. In late years, we work together with Russian churches and have infomation, work specificly, bring relief goods and so on. Like this, the network has grown.

EEF is also the ministry of intercession net work. The intercesors supports volunteers who have dificult time daily. The network of intercession is all over the world and a few thousand peopl take parts. Prayer requests are recieved by internet right away.

Spiritual attack is strong, so that many volunteers are in difficulties. Also finding hidden Jewish pople needs alot of prayers.

We have started to send prayer requests in Japanese. If you would like to sign on as an intercessor, please contact us ; e@eefj.org

3, Organization of Volunteer

According to Ezekiel16:16, gethering Jewish people is called fishing, and working people are called fisher men. This ministry is formed by vonlunteers. Those who work in Notrhern contries give their lives without pay to Jewish people.

Not only fishing, but there is a need in Oddessa Port to carry bagages.Their faithful servings imporess Olim. They are not allowed to share the Gospel, But they work as missionaries by doing, not words.

Many Jewish peopl who had doubt against Christians, but their hearts are melted by seeing faithful servings of volunteers, which means the hearts are prepared to believe in Missiah..

Works of volunteers are not easy. But at the same time, they experience that God's grace is big, His love and His work. that would change their lives.