Operation Exodus


We have been supported more then 1 hundred southands Jewish people lived in X-the Soviet Union (as of end of 2003) to return to Israel since 1991.

We have filled all their needs that chartering ships, estanblishing lodging facilities at Oddessa harbor, sending relief, exspense of travel to harbor or air port and, coverd any other expenses.

We have not helped only people who want to return, but also found activiely Jewish people who hide from persecutions, and told them about "Good News" of reterning to Israel.


The Bible(Jeremah 16:14-15) says that it is going to be greater exodus than first exodus.

This work is supported by offering and vovolunteering of Christians who loves from all over the world.  


Return of Jewish people /
Miracle that exceeds in our imagination

Significance of return

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