What's EEF?

Substans of EEF

EEF covers all financial responsibility for return. All expenses by offering

Ship, which is able to fill with 800 people, is put out to sea more than 10 times a year. So that it is needed enormous funds.

There are more than 40 bases in the X- Soviet Union, and the hundreds vorunteer staff works.

Here are main works

1) To found out Jewish people and to share abour return based on God's promis.@

2) To support material

3) To help to prepare documents, procedure and to move

4) To have lodging, embarkation and loading at the port. And to have entertaiment, class and orientation in the ship.

5) To help through world wide branches and to have network of intercession.

Commanding Jewish people's whereabouts is not easy even in the city in the vast land. Becasue means to correspondence and facilities of travel are elderly, and easy to have trouble. And also, many Jewish people hide their status.

EEF has a good relationship with Israel government and be trusted. EEF work in cooperations with the government and contact with Jewish communities in the field.

And show love through supporting materially and encoureging morally. They are given to any Jewish people, no matter they wants to return or not.

They are wounded in the closed society of X-Soviet Union. Beside that there have been many persecutions. It is very difficult to open their hearts to people. Also they have credibility gap of christian charches which persecute them for long time.

Short term volunteer staff from Japan, Kyoko Sugita,dose ministry folding Origami in the ship

Therefore it takes a few weeks or months to build human relations

Some of them do not even know about the promis to return in the Bible. Because they had been cut out from outside by iron curtain.

Even though they decided exodus, the procedure is complicated and difficult. Then, EEF encourages them practically and morally.

When this work started, there were bribery or unjust confiscation very often. But today we can see a just treatment of exdus because of prayers and efforts of EEF.

There are some people who can not prepare a trunk to put their own stuff for exodus. EEF offers provisions and needed materials, any other needs to move practically and secure safety from robbers on the way. Because Olim has some money because of the disposal of property.

A boy tries shoose from relief

In such case as return by ship, Jewish people are gathered from all over X-Soviet Union by public transport or bus and track of EEF to the Oddessa port. Then they meet EEF faithful volunteers. Aliyah has had many challenges until then and is get nervous to go on long trip and have new life.So then the volunteers help faithfully and encourage them.

There are lodges that has a seating capacity of 800 and Aliyah is supplied foods. Volunteer from over the world are in full activity, then.

Jeremiah31:8 "The blind and the lame will come with them,
pregnanat woman those about to give birth."

When they arrived in Israel, there is assistans for them to start new life. They are provided home and food at least for 6 months. During that therm they can learn Hebrew language or trainig for work.@

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