A Banner for the Nations
Japanese version

title : A Banner for the Nations
Japanese version
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Record of fulfillment of God's promis and great miracles as Bible says "God will gather His peopl from countries"

This is a true story of God's faithfulness to the Jewish nation and fullfillment of scripture of gathering His people. In fact, gathering His people again is the banner that God, Himself lifts up.

The banner has meanings of that God accomplishes His objects and He is awesome And it is against the world and darkness.

EEF has worked in the historical and dramatic scenes. This christian ministory has been helping more than 80,000 Jewish people to return to their ancestor's land, Israel for past 10 years as obeying the prophetic promis of God.

This video that filled with many challenges tells you dramatically how EEF take actions God's command, and how EEF found and help Jewish people who are under anti-semitism and poverty to return to their promis land.

The video shows Olim (new immigrant of Jewish), they go to Israel, and a new ship named Ailis take them from Oddessa to Hyfah.

They are amazing testimonies of how God's Word is fullfilled.


Operation Exdus(book version)

Prophetic words came to Gustav Scheller, and he called to gather Jewish people who are in world's end. God has been opened the door for tens of thousands of Jewish people through EEF. This book recoreded the story of fulfillment of God' plan. EEF has veen overcom many challenges to take Jewish families to thier "home" from wild lands. Operation Exdus is a testimony of God who makes miracles.

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titleFOperation Exdus(Japanese version)

pages : 187page

take some weeks for English version

We over look great miracls of God sometimes. Fortunately, filment of prophecy of God is recoreded in this book. But most of great things is those who are summoned by reading this book.

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