Unprecedented project reterun by ship.

Maracle that exeeds our imagination / returen of the Jews

Unperecedented Project / Return by ship

I have reserved the shipsof many lands, the very best, to bring the sons of Israel home again from far away, bringing their wealth with them.

(Isaiah 60:9 Living Bible)

Ship is typified tool for EEF. If a passage is available once or twice a month constantly between Japan to Hong Kong with a ship which full with 800 people, can you imagin what a grand project it is?

EEF charters a ship and bear for expense of going abroad. Because they can take only a few baggages with them if they take an air plane. But by ship, they can take more.

When they make a desision to return, they think if they can take their stuff with them. Because they do not want to start new life without nothing eventhough they don't have many things.

There was no passage between Russia and Israel before this ministry started. Even Jewish agensies or Israelite Government thought it was in possible to return by ships.

It was a natural decision at that time with the reason of past history or relationship with Russia. Beside that there was strong resistance against christians even in Israel. Today, we see the ships go between the two countries. It is one of simbol of victory which EEF took by faith.

We can not talk about EEF without volunteers who load many baggages. They meet all needs for going abroad faithfully.

On the ship for 3 days, there are many programs or orientation to make them relax and to prepare their hearts for new life.

Like this kind of caring is needed to Jewish people who have been wounded in a history of persecutions.