EEF Prayer Network

Prayer network is a essencial work of EEF. Japanese distribution started to e-mail prayer requests in 2003.

Feature of the prayer requests go into details from scenes. You will recieve it in a real time, so that you might feel indentification with them who work in far away, and even if you do not know them, because it's very emergency, most of the times.   

Prayer requets will be sent by e-mial only. You will be able to recieve it by cellular phone. If you would like to register as an intercessor, contact to following e-mail address, please.

Fumiyo Morishita has been offering to translate prayer requests and send e-mail as volunteer since January in 2004.

She has no experience to live in over sea or special skills of English, so that it will take her long time to work. But she serves with joyful heart.

Intercession is not only pray hard, but also stand with your partners on the same level and labor same burden with them. Jesus who labored our sins is the best model of intercession.

She has labered burden with us when sending e-mails were stopped for a while.