increasing the real siginificance when the number of aliyah decreases its.

the true significance which is increasing when the number of Aliyah is decreasing


To decrease the number of Aliyah might seem decline of ministry, at first sight. But in fact, when you fix your eyes on essence, you will see a significance of work of EEF has been increasing.

It was because, there were many people before who left Russia just because of poverty or persecution in Russia.

that reason it self not bad, to help people we are working.

But now what type of people return by? They recieve God's promise word from the Bible with no regard to difficulty. Solidiers of faiath have been gathered. Most of them do not know Jesus, but if their hearts are moved by God, they will be vessel of God for national salvation of Israel in the future.

What volunteers do is not only procedure of papers or send relief but also summon their faith by telling God's Word from the bible.

So that we have to fix our eyes on the essence. Becaus people who return have faith agains God's word.